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BOOGIE: “If I’m so boring, then why you with me….” 
Keisha: “First of all, I ain’t impressed by that *throws rack on the table*.. I’m wit You, because Im boring too!”

Iron Giant for Sketch Dailies


i cant stop thinking about this and im stressed

stressful indeed

Playing ‘Gods Will Be Watching’ turned me into a terrible person Russian roulette is terrifying, even when the gun is made of pixels. You might think of a video game as something that’s fun, because the medium is stocked full of powerful wish fulfillment fantasies that let you run rampant in a bustling city or hop into a giant robot suit and wage war. Gods Will Be Watching, on the other hand, is far from fun. It’s brutally challenging, often tediously repetitive, and forces you to make decisions that will make you feel like a complete asshole — you’ll find yourself doing everything from terrorizing hostages to injecting people with untested, dangerous serums. It’ll make you wince, but unlike most other games, it’ll actually make you feel something.


I wrapped this lil guy today. Rainbow fluorite from Soul Connections in Shasta ~